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    Fun for dogs and humans – dog agility training courses

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    Puppy and group training courses for any-age dogs all year round

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    One-to-one advice and training for your dogs at very reasonable rates

Friendly Creatures offers positive dog training services and animal relationship help.

We provide a range of positive reward group training courses as well as specific stand-alone sessions to focus on one area of training. We use open air venues with the surrounding enrichment of trees and foliage allowing dogs to relax and explore.  Being outside provides plenty of space between dogs if needed.  Our courses include puppy training, Foundation courses for older puppies and dogs with no previous training, Fun Obedience and Agility for beginners and improvers.  We have no more than four or five dogs in a group so that we can give you and your dog plenty of attention and answer specific questions.  Each course and event is run by one of our team of highly experienced trainers who share a passion for animals, have studied animal behaviour and seek to enhance the bond between human and pet.

Our experienced trainers can also offer one-to-one sessions to help you deal with any training issue you may be experiencing with your pet. You can also arrange private training with your friends and their dogs. These types of sessions can be held at either your home or in a park at a time of your choosing. WhatsApp video consultations are also a popular flexible method of getting advice and strategies to help your dog. We can also help you choose a puppy or rescue dog to suit your lifestyle.  We provide services in London and East Sussex at affordable rates (see London Prices and East Sussex prices)

To get started with your dog, simply download our application form and email it over to us.


A collie dog jumping a training hurdle

Dog Agility & Flyball Training

Fun Dog Agility for all abilities. Learn more about Dog agility & Flyball.

A small dog and a large dog playing tug of war with a length of cord

Group Training Classes

Group classes for training and socialisation. Learn more Group Classes.

A small dog holding a lead in its mouth

One to One Training 

One-to-one help at home or outdoors to suit you. Learn about our one-to-one service.