The Team

Lydia Burke MSC BSc PGCE

Lydia Burke

Lydia Burke PGCE has worked with and owned animals all her life. She trained her first dogs aged 14 years old and worked with dogs and horses during the summer holidays.  One of her favourite jobs was moving sheep on and off Dartmoor the old-fashioned way on horseback using border collies. Over the years, Lydia has trained and competed her own dogs in Dog Agility. She also has considerable knowledge of animal behaviour which she is now formalizing with further studies.

Whilst working with humans in the NHS and Middlesex University, Lydia gained experience in therapeutic human/animal interactions such as Pets as Therapy, Assistance dogs and Equine Therapy.  Fifteeen years ago she decided to follow her passion and work with animal owners and their pets full-time. Over the years she has developed and progressed her training skills according to modern effective methods.  She has undertaken professional training and is a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers which supports ethical dog training methods.  Lydia specializes in helping animals with anxiety including separation anxiety.

Lydia has full insurance, is DBS-checked and has accredited canine First Aid skills. She uses positive reinforcement methods which these are proven to work better than the traditional aversive methods. She works on what the clients perceive to be the issues, rather than dictate old-fashioned tasks. Lydia is based in East London and East Sussex.

Vanda Dongó  

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Vanda has owned dogs most of her life and has a strong interest in dog behaviour and educating owners in how to offer a good quality of life to their dogs.  She is committed to the IMDT training methods and has completed numerous IMDT courses, as well as courses by Chirag Patel.  She has completed the Victoria Stillwell Academy Dog Trainer course.  She is also qualified as a small animal hydrotherapist.  Vanda does 1 2 1 training, puppy home visits and runs many of the group courses.  She can be reached at  Tel:  07935632383 


Martina Luisetti

MartinaMartina rescued her beloved Ulisse who led to her enthusiasm for all things dogs.  Ulisse assisted Martina on some of the courses she attended, including the IMDT Four Days as an Instructor.  Martina has also undertaken Complete Canine Wellness with Dr. Isla Fishburne, Canine Body Language with Mustafa Ozmus, PTSD- The Scent of Nightmares with Robert Hewings, Dog aggression  with Chirag Patel, Resource Guarding and Noise sensitivity phobia with Dave Brice and the Karen Pryor Foundation course.  She is passionate about neuroscience and understanding animals emotions.  She also has a keen interest in the science of dog behaviour and training.

Martina is on   and Instagram ULi Puplandia


 Patricia Grechi PradoPat

Patricia has helped owners achieve a better relationship with their dogs in Brazil and since 2018 she is part of our team in London. Asides from practical experience, she has a degree in Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement from the IMDT in the UK and courses from the same institute in the following areas: Canine aggression and Rehab, Impulse control, Separation anxiety, Resource guarding, Dog to human aggression, Abnormal repetitive behaviour.  Patricia does 1 2 1 training and behavioural sessions to help dogs and their owners.  She also runs group training courses.

Email:    Tel:  07804557671

Instagram  @positivedoglondon