Martina is so passionate about her work and it really shows in her sessions. She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of dogs and wants the best for them and their owners. It was a pleasure to work with her and Gary showed great progress after each class. I would highly recommend Martina and the rest of the Friendly Creatures team. Thank you! (Julia and Gary the labrador August 2020)


Great puppy training class. Got a fantastic insight on puppy/dog behaviours and the logic behind training exercises. We really enjoyed our 6 lessons and are sad the course has ended as it made us all look really forward to Sunday. We got lots of great take aways and detailed notes so we can keep practicing with our pup! Highly recommend these classes  (Fenke and Ray with Loki August 2020)

We cannot recommend Friendly Creatures enough.  Vanda, Martina and Lydia have provided different training at all the different stages of our young dog's development.  She came to puppy classes and then really enjoyed agility and trick training sessions as an adult dog.  Recently we needed help for Snow so had some Zoom 121 sessions to help boost her confidence around strangers in the street during lockdown.    Thanks to the team, invaluable!  (Brian and Snow July 2020)

Following a fun and inormative puppy course we were equpped with some easily applicable tools to assist us raising a happy puppy.  As Dalton grew and a number of challenges presented themselves (he didn't want to walk and jumped up and nipped at our clothing and ankles), we enlisted a trainer for some 1-2-1 sessions at our home.  She was creative in her approach whilst setting up a programme based on research. The advice and practical support we recieved has been invaluable.  While training doesn't happen overnight, it has been an enormous relief that Dalton has responded quickly to subtle changes in our interactions with him.  Thank you Martina and all at Friendly Creatures for your outstanding work!  (Lizze and Dalton November 2019)

Friendly Creatures offers a very sensitive and gentle training programme: the dogs are never forced outside their comfort zone. My dog and I particularly appreciated the gradual progression from simple to quite complex exercises. The homework also proved useful. (Anna and rescue dog Marty August 2019)

Lydia and her team deliver a friendly, exciting and engaging class that our puppy Max throughly enjoyed. The class is set in the beautiful Leyton Marshes area where our puppies got to play and interact during and after the lessons finished. 100% recommend Friendly Creatures to anyone in and around the borough of Waltham Forest, Hackney and Tower Hamlets. (Sheila and Max December 2018)

 Bella and I really enjoyed these classes. Very friendly atmosphere, welcoming. All the dog owners in the class were great and the class size works. Location/facilities work well. Nice touches with water and toys availability and then to have the fields at the back for the dogs to let off steam was an added bonus (Sammy and Bella February 2018)

The Friendly Creatures classes have been an amazing learning experience for us as much as Crispin. They’re fun and informative and always gave us lots of ideas for training we could do at home. We’ll definitely be signing up to more classes in the future (Nicola and Crispin December 2017)

We've been following the programme you set us and Mycroft is already doing so much better. He acts out far less frequently and he's noticeably calmer. Stephen and I both understand him much better and he seems like a happier dog already. Thank you so much for your help!  (Hannah, Stephen and Mycroft July 2017)

Thanks for the behavioural session. I have had a few weeks off so have had lots of time to practice and we are definitely making some progress and feeling more confident. I've stopped taking her to large events with other dogs as that is still too stressful for now. We have been working on the quieter park/cafés in the park even sitting outside one yesterday with minimal stress. She has also been greeting other dogs and playing nicely for the most part. Local walks on lead are still a challenge unless I spot the dog in plenty of time but her harness has reduced any restriction and discomfort for her.  She now has a ball pit/pool and we are playing the hide and seek game.

(Liz and Dolly July 2017)

Lydia has been such a help to us, both in the class and supporting us with our questions via email. Shellac has absolutely loved the class, he loves the mental stimulation and doing this class on the marshes has really added to this; whether it be getting to do recall training whilst running through the long grass or learning how to safely interact with the passing dogs, it has been an added bonus of real life situations that you would not get from indoor puppy classes. Both Shellac and us loved meeting the other puppies/owners. Everyone has been a pleasure to learn with and thanks to Lydia we plan to continue to do puppy meet ups. The variety of ages/abilities in the class has really helped our learning and it is great to know you are not alone in finding some behaviours/situations challenging. Lydia is brilliant with the dogs, an inspiration to us all with what you can achieve with positive reinforcement training. Thank you for all your help and support, we have had a brilliant time and hope to  rejoin you in the future for your Fly Ball training.

(Mark and Shellac June 2016)

I can honestly say Baloo has been brilliant, the training you went through with us we have really put into place and it's made a huge difference. He is walking well on the lead now, if he's excited (say on the way to the park) he walks more towards the end of the lead but there is none of the pulling we were experiencing before, 60% of the time he simply trots next to us on a completely loose lead. He is calm in the house and we have less of the whining and pacing we were experiencing before. 

(Kristina and Baloo March 2016)

I have used your tips and I am very pleased to say that Hugo is doing much better with his recall. He does have moments where he will bolt across the park to another dog but he manages to come back when called and a squeak of his toy. He still gets excited when the leash is out and tugs at the beginning of the walk but it only takes me 2-3 stops until he gets it. I can't thank you enough!  

(Melisa and Hugo February 2016)


We are dog novices and recently rehomed a rescue lurcher. I had read a lot of books and articles and it all seemed confusing and a bit contradictory for first time dog owners. I booked a 1:1 session with Lydia, she offered lots of practical advice that is rooted in years of experience and made it all seem so simple. We booked onto the puppy training classes which were invaluable. Not only did our puppy enjoy the classes by the 6th class he had mastered all the basics and had really grown in confidence, as had we, as nervous first timers. Lydia has a very calm personable style in teaching both the dogs and the owners. Her advice was always spot on and she focuses on the importance of keeping things calm but enjoyable and encourages owners to really think how they are interacting and impacting on the dog. It was the best start we could have given our puppy. (Cate & Flynn February 2016) 

Both our exuberant puppy and ourselves benefited greatly from the puppy training classes. Lydia's patience and encouragement helped us to persevere particularly with the loose lead walking for which we are now seeing the benefit. Lydia was also knowledgeable in other areas such as which harness to buy and how to deal with motion sickness. We are looking forward to doing the next stage training shortly.
(Gregory, Christine and Lottie February 2016)

 I found Lydia’s classes extremely helpful. I have never owned a dog before, but Lydia’s calm and authoritative advice gave me the confidence I needed to train my puppy. She always makes time within the group to answer questions and give tips to each owner about their particular problems.  I am still using the techniques she taught me every day.  (Harriet and Maisy November 2016)

The group training and one to one sessions with Lydia have been brilliant.  It has really helped us to learn tips and exercises to keep Magnus focused and entertained.  We've definitely seen an improvement and Magnus really enjoys the agility course! (Annapriya and Magnus June 2015)

Kizzy is a very energetic puppy who I brought to Friendly Creatures at just 9 weeks old.  She really enjoyed the classes especially the chance to socialise with other puppies.  The training is really about the owner learning how dogs think and how to work with their instincts.  After six classes and lots of putting the training in to practice she will sit, lie down, walk loosely on her lead and come back to her name.  Most importantly she has learnt to focus on me, her owner and has learnt that good behaviour is always more fun.  She is a happy well behaved dog that I can take anywhere,  and we will be returning for more advanced classes.  (Sadie & Kizzy June 2015)

We adopted Dexter from Battersea dogs home in Feb, he was approximately five months old. We agreed when we adopted him to continue with his training. I contacted friendly creatures and was able to start straight away. When we began training Dexter would pull on his lead and was very vocal wanting to play with the other dogs. Lydia advised me as to what sort of harness would be best to use with Dexter and also what tactics to use when walking, both have worked wonders and Dexter now walks (most of the time) on a loose lead.. He has calmed down a lot and is now not vocal when we are at training sessions. We are still working on his recall but Lydia has reassured me that some things may take longer to achieve due to him being a rescue dog. I can't thank Lydia enough for all her help and support and having completed two lots of training sessions I am really looking forward to the next round where I'm hoping Dexter will enjoy agility training. Thank you Friendly Creatures  (Sue & Dexter June 2015)

I had been thinking of getting a rescue dog for years but for one reason or another had decided against it.  When I finally found the dog I wanted, I was recommended to Lydia and honestly cannot think how I would have managed without her.  Within a month my dog didn't chase my cats any more, and within 3 months I had an extraordinarily obedient dog who is my best friend and a joy to live with.  I had a dog as a child but knew nothing really about how to train a dog, and Lydia has guided me every step of the way.  If anyone is apprehensive about getting a dog, I strongly advise them to get in touch with Lydia.  It takes all the fear out of the situation and makes the experience thoroughly enjoyable.  It's the best decision I've ever made, and I love him to bits. (Jo and Busby  January 2014)

 We had two one-on-one training sessions with Friendly Creatures over Zoom during lockdown and we'd recommend them in a heart beat. Our young dog developed some reactivity issues after an injury a few months ago, but two sessions have already made such a huge difference - our walks are already much calmer, as my husband and I have a better understanding of what's going on in our dog's head. The trainer explains things in a really clear and friendly way, and I don't think being on Zoom hindered the training at all. (Ash and Anwen February 2021)