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Posted: Monday 12 May 2014

Agility Terriers yesterday

See Rory the Irish Terrier and Sid the Patterdale in action:


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Posted: Wednesday 12 Mar 2014

"Dangerous" dogs

More in the media about Dangerous Dogs - but prevention is more effective than legislation and this message is not getting across!

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Posted: Tuesday 23 Jul 2013

Dogs and Children

Remember to be aware of safety issues when dogs and children mix.  This YouTube video shows a nice well-trained collie's subtle body language demonstrating how uncomfortable he is with a toddler.

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Posted: Tuesday 02 Jul 2013

Congratulations to class of May 2013

Putting it all into practice:  Sid giving eye contact ...

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Posted: Thursday 23 May 2013

Waltham Forest for Dogs meeting

Attended the Waltham Forest for Dogs meeting to hear about the new Dog Enforcement Team, and potential loss of some of our parks to walk our dogs, very worrying.

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