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    Posted: Tuesday 14 Mar 2017

    One-off training sessions

    We are now taking bookings for one-off training sessions and workshops to help with specific aspects of training. We have recall, loose-lead walking, tracking, trick training and scent detection workshops with small groups of dogs.  The sessions are 90 minutes long to focus your training. The cost is only £25. See Upcoming Courses

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    Posted: Tuesday 02 Feb 2016

    Venue for group classes

    The weekend venue is on the grass next to Lee Valley Ice Centre, Lea Bridge road, E10 7QL.  This venue is accessible via Leyton marsh if you are walking from Clapton or Walthamstow.  By car, you can park in the Ice Centre car park.  By public transport you can come to Clapton Overground station, or via the 48 or 55 bus.Wednesday 1-2pm classes are held in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, E3 4PX (starting April 2016)

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    Posted: Wednesday 26 Nov 2014

    Wet weather flyball

    See video clip of Molly the spaniel - she's got it!


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    Posted: Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

    Beginners Flyball video

    Dogs and humans having fun on Walthamstow marshes November 2014: Flyball video

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    Posted: Friday 05 Sep 2014

    ***New Flyball***

    Flyball started on Sunday and was a great success.  Jenny Knight from Essex Flyball  Team gave a fantastic demonstration and then our dogs were off.  All made good progress and had a good time:




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