We run Puppy Training Courses  for puppies over 10 weeks who have had their first immunisation and younger than 6 months.  The course last six weeks and provides basic training and socialization. We also run Foundation Courses  for dogs over 6 months to work on useful training skills and some basic obedience.  The Fun Obedience courses will challenge your dog a little more and these are for dogs who already have done the basics.  We also run the popular dog Beginners Agility courses for fun and bonding.

We offer expert one-to-one training for your dog at a venue to suit you at reasonable rates. We can help with all types of issues such as jumping up, pulling on the lead, excessive barking, destructive behaviour in the home and not coming back. We can also help you train your dog to do nosework, retrieve, tug of war games and learn new tricks. For some behavioural issues, we offer affordable remote video WhatsApp training or Skype consultations to assess your dog and give you the precise skills and strategies to help your dog improve.  Remote training helps you focus on the issues without the distraction of "the visitor" coming to your house.  It is particularly helpful for anxious dogs and those with separation issues.  Practical training is still achieved using the webcam on the dog.  We also offer face to face training if you prefer.  

We provide help with choosing a new dog (puppy or rescue dog) if you are not quite sure what dog would suit you best.  We do home assessments for Rescue Centres to enable you to foster or take on a rescue dog. We recommend Perfect Fit harnesses and can give advice re fitting. 

Training tips are provided (eg. help with recall, loose lead walking) for you to print off and practice at home.

Residential training is available.  Your dog will stay with one of our instructors in their own home and get daily training.  At the end of the stay you will be given an ongoing training programme to take forwards in your own home.  You can go on holiday in the knowledge that when you get back your dog will be much more well-behaved!



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