Group Sessions

  • Puppy classes
  • Improver classes
  • Agility training 
  • Advanced skills and tracking
  • Private group sessions (for your dog and up to two friends with their dogs)

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Puppy Classes


We offer courses of six one-hour sessions. The theory teaching will help you understand your puppy’s behaviour, increase patience and calmness, consider how dogs learn etc. We teach the basics in a practical way: such as sit, stay, recall, retrieve and loose lead walking. The training is based on positive reinforcement operant conditioning methods. There are opportunities for supervised play with other puppies.

Group Sessions for all dogs

2 dogs playing with toy

This series of 6 one-hour group sessions will give you a great foundation for a happy dog-human relationship. It is particularly suited for rescue dogs.  We reinforce and enhance the training you may already have done: for example; sit, stay, recall, leave, retrieve and loose lead walking. There is question and answer time for you to help work out the best way to encourage the particular behaviours you want from your dog. 

We also run private bespoke 90 minute sessions for your dog and up to two friends and their dogs, either as a one-off or a course of three sessions. Time and venue to suit you. This can include agility training.

Improver Dog Classes

Available to clients and their dogs of any age, who have undertaken a basic training course and are now ready to challenge themselves and their dogs further. Improver classes cover more "obedience", off-lead skills, and fly ball/dog agility.

Advanced Skills & Tracking

We provide six week courses for owners and dogs who would like to achieve IMDT Partnership Grades (including Recall from play, Cone Search, Tricks, heel work etc).  The focus is on correct and sympathetic handling as much as on the dog achieving the designated exercises.  

We also run practical tracking workshops in a rural location close to London. Get your lively easily-distracted dog to tune in to you.  Learn about the amazing dog's sense of smell and how they use their nose.  Learn how different conditions affect tracking.  Lots of practical time to start your dog tracking, progressing from easy and motivating, to more challenging so you can take it further in the future.

If you are unable to come to a session please let Lydia know beforehand.

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