Dog Agility/Parkour & Flyball

We run evening group agility training sessions for experienced dogs and owners as part of Eceni Agility@Friendly Creatures Club.  We incorporate Parkour obstacles in amongst the traditional agility equipment, and adopt the Parkour philosophy putting the dog's enjoyment and needs before the humans. We also run Beginners Agility/Parkour courses on Sunday mornings.  We provide one-off Flyball sessions open to everyone. Agility equiment comprises single and triple hurdles, hoops, weave poles, rigid tunnel, collapsible tunnel, dog walk, see saw and A-frame.  Parkour equipment includes tyres, boxes, posts and bridges and other obstacles in the environment. Equipment for flyball is four hurdles and a ball launcher, with side netting to prevent any mishaps.

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For your information, Lee Valley Country Park in Cheshunt has a free Dog Agility course.

The Kennel ClubAgilitynet and British Flyball Association have comprehensive details of dog agility and flyball rules and events if you are interested in advanced competitions.