Excitable/Reactive dog group training courses

Some dogs are more sensitive to outdoor triggers such as other dogs, strangers, children etc.  They can either be a little too excitable and want to charge over to these triggers, or they might be nervous, defensive or aggressive with lunging and barking.

Our Excitable/Reactive dog training course aims to create a calm environment for dogs who may be more sensitive to certain things in our busy and distracting world. This course is for those dogs who need more space (we have no more than four dogs per class) and screens to help make them feel safe.  Our course helps your excitable or reactive dog learn how to remain calm in the presence of things that trigger a reaction.  Dogs are taught a variety of calming exercises usually with clicker training, and gradually learn to be in close proximity to their triggers without reacting.

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We also offer one-to-one training sessions either in person or via Zoom (which can be more helpful for nervous dogs) to address their excitable/reactive behaviour in a supportive way and help thme learn how to stay calm and not react to triggers.