Feline behavioural help

Our cat behaviour training is designed to help you if you own a cat who has some issues that need to be addressed. We offer help for cats who are weeing in the house, marking in the house, scratching you, getting into fights or are fearful.  We also help cats learn to accept a new dog/puppy coming into the home, as well as helping your new kitten/rescue cat adjust to a home with a resident dog.  Signs that a cat needs some behavioural help are:

  • indoor marking/toiletting (when they used to go in the appropriate place),
  • excessive grooming (some cats create a bald patch from over licking, or scabs from excessive scratching),
  • hiding,
  • staying out, 
  • excited scratching and biting you when playing,
  • aggressive scratching and biting when being handled

Learn how to read cat body language and become your cat's best friend.

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