Group training courses are £90 for the six week course, payable in advance.  Unfortunately money cannot be refunded for sessions missed.  

We also offer private 90 minute training sessions with you to improve specific aspects of your dog's training (eg. getting a better recall, nice lead walking, initial puppy training etc) which costs £100. These sessions can be just for your dog, or combined with up to two friends and their dogs. There is a reduced rate if you book three sessions (£250).

  • Group training course £90 (payable in advance)
  • Friendly Creatures Agility Training Club £200 yearly membership (free trial session)
  • Private 90 minute training session £100 (for up to 3 dogs)  
  • Course of three private training sessions £250 (for up to 3 dogs) 
  • Tracking, scent detection, recall, loose lead walking, trick training workshops  £25
  • Flyball session £20
  • Telephone/WhatsApp/Skype consultation £80 per hour 
  • Residential training £500 per week

Cancellation policy: Payment refundable if we receive 48 hours’ notice of cancellation before the 1 2 1 session or before the first day of the group training course. If not, you will be expected to pay the full cost.

Receipts available on request.