Group Dog Training Courses:  
  • Puppy training Courses £119    
  • Foundation Courses £119
  • Improver Courses  £119                                                      
  • Recall training session £36
  • Scentwork Games & Follow on Scentwork £40   
  • Nice Leaders (2 sessions) £75 
  • Excitable/Reactive courses £149
  • Indoor group training £140
One to one dog training:

Puppy Consultations
  • In Person Puppy consultations  Puppy settling in visit £120 for a 90 minute session
  • Online consultations for new puppies cost £100 for 2 x 45 minute sessions.   Booking
Dog Consultations and Behaviour Programme
  • In Person Consultations  - £150 for 90 minutes, or £390 for three sessions. 
  • Online consultations - £120 for 2 x 45 minute sessions.            Booking
Separation Anxiety package:
  •  £240 for a series of short sessions amounting to a total of three hours. NB. some dogs will need further short sessions.                                                              Booking
Cat behaviour sessions:
  •  £70 per hour                                                                            Booking
Expert Advice:
  •   On anything to do with your pet - £20 per 15 minutes   

Mentorship programme:



Terms and Conditions

1. Cancellation policy: Payment refundable if we receive 48 hours’ notice of cancellation before the 1-2-1 session or before the first day of the group training course. If not, you will be expected to pay the full cost.

2. We don't send out receipts, but they are available on request.

3. Dog training activities are at your own risk.

4. Privacy statement - we may contact you to let you know about relevant training activities.  We may take photos of you or your pet to use on social media.