London Events

Upcoming Courses & Training Sessions

Puppy Training Courses

1 - 22 September (Sundays 3.30pm - 90 mins class) Clissold Park N16 (£98 or £24.5/class)

15 September - 6 October (Sundays 3pm) Clissold Park N16 (£98 or £24.5/class)

1 October - 5 November (Tuesdays 2pm) Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park E3 4PX (£90)

13 October- 17 November (Sundays 9.30am) Waterworks Centre  E10 7QR (£90)

18 October - 22 November (Fridays 1pm) Victoria Park  E2 9JW (£90)

Foundation Training Courses- basic training for dogs over 6 months (£90)    

6th September - 11th October (Fridays 2pm)  Victoria Park E2 9JW 

1 October - 5 November (Tuesdays 2pm) Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park E3 4PX 

18 October - 22 November (Fridays 2pm)  Victoria Park E2 9JW

Fun Obedience Courses - for dogs who have done basic training (£90)

1st September - 6 October (Sundays 10.30am) Waterworks Centre E10 7QR

13 October - 17 November (Sundays 10.30am) Waterworks Centre  E10 7QR

Agility Courses (£90)

1st September - 6 October (9.30am -Beginners, 10.30 -Improvers) Waterworks Centre E10 7QR 

13 October - 17 November (9.30am -Beginners, 10.30am-Improvers) Waterworks Centre E10 7QR

One-off Training Sessions

NICE LEAD WALKING 21 September (Saturday 10-noon) Victoria Park E2 9JW  (£30)

RECALL 5 October (Saturday 10-noon) Hackney Marshes Centre E9 5PF (£30)

NICE LEAD WALKING 26 October (Saturday 10-noon) Victoria Park E2 9JW (£30)

RECALL 2 November (Saturday 10-noon) Hackney Marshes Centre E9 5PF (£30)


NB.The priority is for the dogs to have an enjoyable, stress-free experience.  Therefore Friendly Creatures asks you to take responsibility for your dog's emotional state.  If he or she is getting over-excited or anxious please move away a little, give your dog a drink of water and take the pressure off the dog. Dogs who are reactive to other dogs will be offered one-to-one help before they join the stimulating atmosphere of group sessions.